Andrew Kamal

Andrew Kamal

A one-man team working to deploy an innovative optical sensor for Phosphorus using 4G connectivity to backhaul data seamlessly to cloud-based storage and analytics platforms.



aqInfo LLC is a collection of full stack developers, environmental engineers, networking engineers, physicists and electrical engineers. They have developed a powerful system of low power wide area network strategies, database management, machine learning, AI and a UX deigned web interface. By mining historical data from GLOS, USGS and other sources, aqInfo has began the new age of water quality data analytics, to build an intelligent system that informs users of pertinent information such as anomaly detection, live predictor variables and algal bloom forecasting. From their hardware to front end, the user friendly solution developed at aqInfo will stand the test of time to build intelligence and accuracy with each passing second.


ExtremeComms + MicroBuoy - Technology Innovation Prize

A partnership between two teams of engineering PhD candidates from Florida Atlantic University and Wayne State University working toward the first field deployment of electrochemical nanosensors for phosphorus paired with hyper-compact batteries and smart underwater modem technology that enable software-defined wireless networking of fixed sensors and unmanned aquatic vehicles.


GLASS - End-to-end Solution Prize

A partnership between sensor manufacturer Green Eyes Science, water data analytics provider H2Ometrics, and engineering consultants Ohm Advisors working to deploy a tried-and-true wet chemistry sensor with innovative networking and commercial water data analytics solutions.

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A partnership between Global Quality Corp.(GQC), Sayantek, Roietronics, Mr. Sengupta and Senformatics that is: a) integrating the off-the-shelf Nitrate probes with new generation IoT electronics for data capture and LPWAN telemetry, b) integrating Sayantek’s eRed software defined network (SDN) and software defined application (SDA) technologies for the edge gateways and cloud appliances, c) developing cloud-based IoT storage for sensor data, and d) implementing cloud-based and edge-based analytics for event detection and advanced visualization. The team’s vision is to develop a cyber-secure resilient scalable IoT platform for Smart Water to serve multiple stakeholders including GLOS, USGS, and the citizens of the Lake Erie watershed.